Because it had to happen.
Our commitment to you…

We built BLiX because we felt it had to be built.
We thought enough was enough.

That companies skimming everyone’s data and trailing us all across the internet is out-of-hand and at times borderline creepy.
Sure, GDPR offers some protection (well, to those living in the EU at least), but it still doesn’t fully wrestle back control.
The only guarantees are that every new regulation invites lip service and smart minds to start thinking through the work-arounds and making new loop holes.
So we wanted to get just as smart – to change the landscape and truly get out in front of big tech and those shady practices trying to hide their algos deeper in the shadows.

Fundamentally: we wanted to create a ‘reset’.
And to invite BRANDS & CONSUMERS alike to a new kind of party.
Because a person’s data is their data.
It should be as private or public as they want it.
And where it’s of value to brands, the individual should be able to LEVERAGE that value.
When a person chooses to share their data, they should be REWARDED for what they share.
Quid pro quo. A fair trade. Value exchange. Never value exploitation.

This was why we created BLiX.
Which takes us to the “what” and to our commitment to you.
BLiX is a platform designed to put you, the user, in control. In control of your social data.
And in control of the kind of relationship you have with brands.
Where you decide which brands you share your data profiles with, and where they reward you.

What does that look like?

The data you share with a brand is ONLY with that brand. It will not be “sold on”.
In return you can expect the brands you choose to treat you like the VIP you are and send you exclusives that are seriously worth your time and attention… but if they don’t sufficiently rock your world, you can delete that brand from your brand wallet.


For questions, ideas, or just a bit of a natter: it’s
For download, it’s the App Store.
Welcome to the party.

With thanks,


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